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Again from? Seriously? Why won't you let onions live for once
Everyone dies in dark souls. Everyone.
He dies even if you do all of his quest. Once I killed Yhorm, I went to light the bonfire with my camera pointed at him and he fell over dead when I lit it.
Maybe, he is Solaire. When you pick that goodie, what you get, after he help you with the Fire demon in Undead Settlement, and leave it in the nest on the roof of the Firelink shrine, you will get Armor of the Sun, exactly same what Solaire wore.


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Maybe, he is Solaire of Astora. After the fight with Fire demon in Undead settlement, he will give you goodie. If you leave that goodie in the nest on the roof of Firelink Shrine, you will get Armor of the Sun, execatly same what Solaire wore. You can get his helmet from there too.