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One of the best fights in dark souls 3.
If by 'best' you mean that you love having to trudge through two phases to get to the actual fight, over and over again. After beating the 2nd phase and receiving the slab, your progress should be saved, much like with Bed of Chaos in DS1. However, From thinks it's better to give you a very crappy NPC to summon without need of being embered, so as to shove in your face that this boss is going to be utter BS, which she is. She is ridiculously OP. One second your attack staggers her, the next that same attack fails to do so. One second your shield successfully blocks her attacks, the next it cuts through you even with full stamina. Which reminds me of the next issue; her bouts of endless stamina: swingswingswingswingswingswingbackstepbackstepswingswingswingswingswingdarkserpentdualscythethroatsliceswingswingswingswing. This boss is just an artificial difficulty nuisance. Many people have had to re-equip their characters to the point of them being unrecognizable or completely respec to beat this boss, and that screams horrible boss design.
true one of the best
but i guess some casuals can't even handle 2 ez patches to get a ez boss
ez soulz but i like this boss fight (not going to write a long comment like the other idiot)
And PLEASE do not be so dumb to summon more than one phantom. Phase 3 becomes ÜBER-HARD when you do so. One player phantom and Geal is enough. Noobs...
Not bothering with this one, fought 20+ times, which is a great thing in most DS boss fights, this is a totally different matter. Learning does not help, supper aggressive in 3rd stage with only a few estus left - no chance to learn. Not worth two boss fights to get to stage three, makes it more like 40+ tries.

S&O and Artorius from DS, 20+ tries but learned and progressed, felt fair.

From, ffs, either let the compleated stages stay that way, or playtest your games, or just don't make sh*t boss fights with unblockable strikes.

Or drop the idea of super difficult fights, your sh*t, not to mention unnecessary RPG system and all the grinding is difficulty enough.

Would love a souls game that didn't require more fextralife than actual play.

Just about to NG+ with my miracle build, but can't acquire half the miracles (cause I didn't spend at least half my time on fextralife, no, spent more time grinding and updating weapons than actually playing.

Sorry From, no more patience left for this fight or souls games.
No grinding required whatsoever for me. Every boss fight in the game takes good players less than 10 tries. Well you either find spells by exploring the world or you look it up(takes 20 seconds), what's the problem? If something is unblockable you roll through it.??
If you're network-enabled, a great way to learn is by helping others. Throw down a summon sign and do a few runs with some other hosts. Otherwise, have a couple of attempts at her with the only intention of learning; don't desperately try to kill her, just learn her moves gradually at each stage and ramp up the aggression when you're comfortable.
What was that term that these games started? "Git gud"?
I tried it maybe 50+ times and the closest I've gotten in the 3rd stage is about 10% of her health remaining. And when you're THAT close, you don't give up easy. Problem was, I had to completely adjust my build and playstyle to even get to that point. (Granted, my character is still pre-level 100 and I haven't even progressed in Irithyll yet.) Heavy melee/tank is a no-go for this boss. The real challenge (if you use the NPC helper phantom) is getting him to stay healthy during the 2nd stage or he'll die really quickly in the 3rd where you need him most. It's very difficult to micromanage who's got the aggro in the 2nd, but the ideal scenario is to have your NPC ally attacking Friede while you keep Father busy (his attacks will decimate your ally and he isn't always the best at dodging them). He's really helpful during the 3rd stage because he can draw Friede's aggro and also help stagger her while attacking. I literally trapped her in a corner one time while the ally and I chunked away at her and she was helpless until I
Mad cuz bad. Also, your b1tch1ng is not contributing to this page, or giving any players looking for info on this boss anything that can help them. Please consider taking your rant to Reddit or somewhere that doesn't make it look like you're a sh1tty player.
"Mad cuz bad." "Git Gud." stfu, fanboys. I understand it's subjective, buuuut... Nah, original poster was right about Friede. Turned DS into BS with this one. O&S didn't have unlimited stamina the way she does in phase 3, and one too many phases becomes tedious. I can't help but think they deliberately made the boss ridiculously tedious and OP to try and make the DLC seem longer than it actually was, which is short AF. They obviously designed this boss to be BS, which is why you don't even need to be embered to summon Gael. After like 60-70 tries, I beat her and it was only because I miraculously was able to keep Gael alive long enough to finally take turns distracting her so as to set up back stabs and staggers. After defeating her, I didn't feel the same sense of accomplishment that I felt after, say, the Nameless King. I didn't feel any enjoyment at all, really, but was just a little less pissed that I could clear my head and move on. I also, had no desire whatsoever to ever fight that boss again, which I'd not experienced with any other DS bosses.
She's definitely the hardest boss I've fought so far, took me 3 tries. On the third try, I finished the second phase really fast, but two handing and holding the right Trigger power attack with my +10 heavy Bastards Sword on Ariandel, took out huge chunks of his health while he was focused on Gael. Got to the third phase with 13 Estus left. After that the third phase was pretty simple.
Another crestfallen warrior
Is it just me or did they nerf Friede?



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I hope they didn't.But you probably just get better, that's all
Summoning Gael is highly recommended. Defeated her in NG+ using Ringed Knight Straight Sword +5 wearing Outrider Knight Armor.
Just want to add that I was playing offline when writing this so I was thankful for Gael's assistance struggling with Friede. ;)
Notably, summoning Gael will increase the health of her first phase, even though Gael is not present. Not really a problem, since her first phase is her easiest, but interesting nonetheless.
Sister Fister is one of the few enemies I can semi-reliably parry, so first phase is babby job, but second phase is just sloppy. Ariandel is just drifting through the room and the camera usually ends up inside him, then they get inside each other, creating this zone of death where you can't even see what friede is gonna do, Then they just start spamming their aoe attacks covering the entire room with more flashy effects than in *****ing overwatch.
I'm gonna go fall down a set of stairs.
Yeah, it's a pile of BS,but this is the wall clipping weapons, enemies immune to friendly fire, artificial difficulty coding legend that is From Software. Enjoy.
This is no human npc. This is a boss you can backstab who just looks human. She's in the same class as Abyss Watchers. People not realising that are the ones ranting here. Wondering why she is no pushover like the other human npcs like Hodrick or Heysel.
I guess Havel's Shield is just massively OP? She took me three tries(Almost got her on my first try, but I ran out of estus, made it the third phase with 13 estus left on my third try), and I didn't have any of the issues people are ranting about in the comments. I was able to block everything she dished out, with a little bit of damage with each block. I'm a pure melee build with a Heavy +10 Bastard Sword.

So either they nerfed her at some point, or I'm way better at these games than I consider myself.
Figured I should add more info and my strategy so I don't sound so much like a smug a hole, haha.

I had Havel's Shield and the Heavy +10 Bastard Sword as I said and I was around SL 120. First phase was pretty simple, just blocked or dodged most of her attacks, and get a few swipes in while I can. Second phase, Gael was summoned in, and I tried to focus on the big guy Ariandel, while he was focused on Gael, while two handed my sword. You can do a massive amount of damage to Ariandel, with hold right trigger heavy attacks while two handed, think I was doing 600 plus damage with each hit, so as long as Ariandel is focused on Gael with his back turned to you, you can end the second phase really fast, which is why I still had 13 estus left for the third phase.

After that again, I just blocked a lot, with some dodging and attacked when I could, even got a few accidentally backstabs into her, when she was targeting Gael. Each time I got a backstab, I switched to two handed, and got a charged heavy attack into her as she got up, which I what I always do when I backstab an enemy.

Gael ended up dying when she had about 1/4 of her health left, and I just finished her off how I'd be attacking her, and she was done. Maybe that will help someone, seems having a good shield is a big help.