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I have a symbol of avarice but it doesn't give 50% more souls what do I do
How do I drink estus trough this thing?!?
You need straws.
i farmed for a fkin 15 undead bone charms, still! didn't get it


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I have an extra one, are you on PS4?
We saw the symbol of avarice attack once, it was a player we invaded and he had it on and attacked us, it started nomming on our character, how does it do that?
He was hacking LMAO
You weren't hacked, the invader was probably using the Dark Hand weapon art, which puts your face really close to your target's face, handing out free kisses!


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I got a spare if anyone want it (ps4). Just send me a message on psn saying something like: symbol, wiki.

psn: Ceoxity
Hey, wondering if you still have that symbol of avarice on offer?
Anyone got an extra on PS4 perhaps? havn't been able to get hold of one and no mimics left in the current playthrough :(
You still need one add me on psn and ask for mimic head Psn:PrestineBullet


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anyone got a spare one on PS4?
You still need one add me on psn and ask for mimic head Psn:PrestineBullet


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Ever notice the delay in getting your souls after killing a boss due to boss-death animation?

Try making the Symbol of Avarice your only other helmet in your inventory. The moment you land the killing blow on a boss, quickly change your helmet to the Symbol of Avarice. By the time the souls register, you will get the 50% soul bonus.