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If you're able to beat the dancer at a low level early on you can get access to this miracle pretty early. the saint's tailsman is also avialable early, as is morne's ring. you can't get the lightning clutch ring for awhile, but this will def outpower lightning spear and emit force. you'll have to co-op farm bosses, but that shouldn't be too bad if you do early game bosses.
Unless you plan to level your character to 100 they are pretty wimpy.
I'm sl 60 with 35 faith (40 with ring). I use lighting Astora greatsword and G lighting spear. I **** in pvp
Sunlight Talisman + Poise Buff + Both Miracle Boosting Rings + Lightning Stake

I kill for the thrill
I wonder if the most of you realize that the spears do more damage at close range.

Try it. From a distance, they'll do half the damage. You'll even hear a specific noise when you hit them with the spear point blank.
You're supposed to use the talisman skill to poise through attacks and lightning spear them right in the face. I've seen them oneshot people before.
I need to help kill 30 or more bosses or invade (god forbid) 30 time to get this and it's in a end game area? while sorcerers and pyros get the equivalent just by buying them? and they get it at least in a mid game area? No no fromsoft this is utter bull*****
Sorcerers hav to get the scrolls and the best spells are in a scroll that is in the grand archives ffs
Right now I'm rocking a Pyromancer build and have come across the same disappointing problem, to get the Pyromancy "Warmth" I must turn in 30 Vertebra Shackles to the moundmakers covenant :/
I'm willing to help farm for covenant items as long as your on xbox

xbox: Gustyceiling554
You can invade with sunbro on and receive sunlight medals. It works for every covenant, in fact
miracles are white magic people. meant to heal and strenghen you. That the aggressive exceptions (!) are harder to get shouldn't be a surprise (and 30 sunlight medals are not really a challenge) So stop comparing it to pyromancy or sorcery.
EZ farm dude. Sit at Yhorm, Nameless King, or Soul of Cinder and either invade or white stone the bosses. If you don't suck you should have 40 within less than half a day lmao
Gee, how dare a faith build ever have to work for anything.

The game gives you EVERYTHING you could possibly want. Especially if you go Fth/Str. Quit *****ing just cuz the ACTUAL DPS MAGES GET DPS SPELLS EASIER.
I just prefer lightning blade
This spell consumes less fp and deals more damage compared to lighting spear. To be more precise, it usually takes 2 great spears to kill enemies in NG with the best equipment and +60 faith while lightning spear takes more fp and 3 spears to kill. So, I can conclude that this spell is good for focused faith casters since it takes less fp and deals good damage. Also I recommend using the fp cost reduction ring.
You only need to be rank 1 to get the great lighting spear (10 sunlight medal)
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People who think the the description for this item means that Ornstein is Gwyn's firstborn, that theory isn't true. Yes, it is misleading but the Nameless King is Gwyn's true firstborn. He left halfway through the war to join the dragons and allied with a storm drake as proof of his alliance with the dragons. Afterwards Gywn erased all memory of his firstborn from history. Its also hinted at that the nameless king is the war god Faraam mentioned in the Faraam armor set.