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Found this boss very annoying but discovered a nice easy way to kill him, similar to the Simons Bowblade way. After the first fight with him and you find him waiting to run into the room where the gate drops, don't approach and make him run into room closing gate. Go up and round and drop into the room where he would run into, then I was able to just shoot him with a pistol and attack from inside the room and he never ran past me to close the gate and force a close up melee fight/Call from beyond spam.
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Strategy 9: Beast Roar
You use Beast Roar to push him. He will fall, then you spam R1 on him. When he stands up, use Beast Roar again to make him fall, then spam R1 on him. Keep repeating it until he dies.
I was able to beat him in second stage from the other side of the gate. When the gate closed, I had LHB and hit the gate a few times and he came over. Auger still passes thru bars but the Call will not
This hardest Boss in game!
Important tactics is to lower voice volume his screaming is very distracting .
Got lost in labyrinth had to afk and look where to go .
Had a break of one hour in Boss area.
Then killed him with one combo spam.
I love and hate this boss fight. It's cool because it's almost like a mirror version of your fight with Gascoigne, where instead of running from a blood-crazed Hunter, you become the predator and must actively pursue a much weaker prey. On the other hand, I hate this fight because it's so easy for Micolash to 1-shot you in the second phase, and dying there means spending another 2-3 minutes chasing this dumbass through the same damn corridors over and over until you sort of just get lucky. At least his death pangs serve as a well-deserved comedic relief, though lmao.