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Something weird happened when I fought it, I played the music box a few times, and it side stepped as previously stated. But then it seemed to lock on / focus on something totally apart from me. It just kept nailing the wall, circling and slashing the opposite direction as me. Almost like it thought I was the baby? It's the same melody as Margo's lullaby..... Just really strange. Seemed very non aggressive after that, though it did do the clone. But even then, the clone attacked me while the actual nurse just faced the wall and stood there. I saved the video via PS.
I had something similar happen to me on ng+, when she entered the nightmare veil she just started attacking the wall as if i wasn't there allowed me to get in a whole lot of damage, thought the clone didn't spawn in till I hit her, also i didn't play the music box at all
Definitely one of the easiest bosses. Easy blood echoes and insight when helping people.
The Wet Nurse looks a lot like the Shadows of Yharnam, who are apparently servants of the Queen, but if that's the case, why do they refuse to give back the Queen's child? I guess that's a pretty common theme in Bloodborne, though. Willem was once Laurence's master, but Laurence rejected his warning; the Vicars are the successors to Laurence's establishment, yet they don't seem to follow his teachings, either. Rulers are constantly being superseded by their subjects, perhaps because their servants envy them and their closeness to Greatness.