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Can the Halberd wielding Winged Knights be Parried? I've been trying for like 30 minutes now to no avail.
I think that, despite the fact that halberds can normally be parried two-handed (including their halberd if used by a player), the winged knights with halberds cannot be parried because they are considered to be two-handing a "heavy" weapon.



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Would be so cool if we can actually see the battle between Lothric Knights and the Angels. Among the streets and corridors of the city
They can not be lured but can be distracted at still. Thing that works with these is Aural Decoy sorcery example. No results with Alluring Skulls. But I guess if you use Hidden Body and throw Fire Bombs or something, you probably can lure them?
When the Winged Hussars arrived!
"Storm clouds, fire and steel, death from above, made their enemies kneel"
In the Trivia we can read "Their helmets are based on real-life medieval German/Austrian helms, in particular on helmets that belonged to Emperor Maximilian I. Domnhall of Zena's horned helmet from Dark Souls I is also based on a suit of armor made for Maximilian I" but for me their helmets looks like a samurai mempo. Despite the game is based on european-like medieval fantasy this may be considered a japanese samurais reference and a kind of syncretism, the game is japanese after all.
They have the happiest and depressed helment in the game.
It's worth noting that they can be backstabbed while casting Divine Pillars of Light, which not only renders you immune to the pillars, but also causes them to stop appearing. Makes that attack much less of a headache.
These guys dropped me a titanite slab as I killed them all the first time... And I don't see it as a drop. What kind of sorcery is this?
When you kill the three golden angels for the first time a slab is added directly to your inventory.