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Best game ever played, 10/10 would play again. Only boss cannot beat in any bideo game ever I have ever touched: Darkeater Midir...
Then you don't know Ur - Dragon or Penance (FFX).
Did you noticed? Until the Ringed City DLC there was no "Dark Soul" in Dark Souls 3....all we've had so far were boss souls and embers.
Someone spent 45 minutes deleting pages out of the wiki??? That's a nice person right there.
is it just me or do people hack more recently (PC)? Bleed, poison and Lloyd Talisman effect by contact, infinite estus, immortality... I invaded alot in the past and there was rarely any hack user but today I encountered 2 in 5 invasions. What's going on with the game? And if I report them via steam do they get punished? I doubt it somehow...
Hey, has anyone had the problem of their Dark Souls 3 game needing to install profile data on the PS4? Because I'm using my little brother's ps4 for now until I can afford another one because mine died. And I installed both dlcs and the game along with the updates and also my saved data from online storage. The percentage of installation has been stuck on 7% for the past two and a half hours. Anyone know why it's doing that and how to fix it?