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GOOD thing it they don't have too much defense, since I'm sure I couldn't do them with anything other than dagger/bow.
Short Bow was really convenient (for me) on this thing (at least, the very first one) as I don't like to get close and personal. Their Jaw Grabbing and Lightning Breath attacks were practically 2 free hits for me every time. (Actually, the Jaw Grabbing attack usually makes them rush too far to hit with melee weapons). Other than that, rolling whenever they open their mouth and counter-pegging with Bandit's Knife seems to do the tricks.
I thing this thing prepares you for the WHOLE Irithyll of Boreal Valley, as you encounters many enemies there that just shouldn't be blocked by anything less than great shields.
After I dealt with the last two, I came to realize that a short bow is pretty good against them. Keep your distance, bait out the Charge Grab and roll to the side. It will pass by you for some distance and you can shoot it three shots easily. The best moment comes when it does the Lightning Breath. If you are already mostly outside of its range, you will have the time to shoot multiple times while locking on, which will automatically hit its head. Two shots (for me, or was it three?) and it goes into Riposte-able state. This is when you bring out what ever melee weapon you have and go in for a Riposte.
This method definitely takes more time than straight-up melee fight, but is VERY safe as you'll be able to clearly see it telegraphs attacks and roll accordingly.
I fight the last one in Water Reserve room with Short Bow only.
A bow is surprisingly good against quite a number of enemies in this game.
Try twinblades+carthus rouge too, cuts through them like butter
Fextra has a lot of iffy info running around, especially when it comes to advice and such, but they definitely got it right with this one over Bleed being really effective. These things die sooo fast with it.
He had his way with me the first time but I beat him without even taking dmg the second time. My Advice: Treat him like Vordt. Just camp under his stomach.
If you're having trouble with the encounter in the water reserve, try aggroing the one to your left first, and fighting it next to the ladder. The second one won't aggro until you get closer to it, so if you fight the first one by the ladder, you can take them on one at a time. Fighting it in the more enclosed space also means that it's less likely to get far away from you and do one of its highly damaging charging attacks. Alternatively, if you can stagger and riposte one of them (a pyromancy or hard-hitting sorcery/weapon skill to the face can generally open it up for a riposte), it will flail about a bit (which can damage you) and then become passive until attacked again. If you can avoid hitting it again afterwards, you can fight the remaining one without fear of being double teamed.
their hitboxes are impossible to dodge especially the turn attack