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but is it better than The Dark Sword???

jks, this one-shot R2 Fire fling them up in the air move is real fun diddly fun.


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"Diddly fun"? Keep this man away from the children!



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This is my new favorite. I actually launched Sister Friede with this thing's weapon art today. Pairs well with the ethereal oak shield.
Honestly the only UGS I use....I can't stand UGS but this one, I love it.
Don't get the love for this one. It dosn't have a fun or varied moveset.



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You can buff it with fire while attacking with the weapon art and it lasts longer than charcoal pine bundle.
The meta boyz dont care about fun, they only care about AR lool
**** of damage with the WA and hyper armor
In the High Walls of Lothric near the Dancer bonfire, a winged knight is patrolling a statue holding the Profaned Greatsword. The statue might represent Pontiff Sulyvahn.
That was found a long time ago


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I would like to think this is Gwynn's Great Lord Greatsword reforged in the Profaned Flame by the Pontiff after his coupe against Gwyndolin. Given the resemblance to the Great Lord Sword, which is only differentiated by the hilt, which is often easily replaced over centuries, that's how I'm going to interpret it. After all, what was it before it became Profaned, since Profaned implies at one time it was NOT a Profaned/Defiled/Desecrated Great Sword, but one with sacred and reverential meaning? What other great sword would command reverence in Anor Londo? There is no better symbol for a New Order and Authority than taking the sacred weapon and symbol of the former Great Lord Gwynn and, like Gwyndolin's body being devoured and corrupted by Aldrich, remaking it in your own image. All the evidence I have is the location, Pontiff's campaign to corrupt/supplant/usurp/destroy Gwynn's family and former seat of power, and the implication that it could not be Profaned if it had not been sacred and treated as inviolate before hand. And only one weapon in the series would make a sensible candidate for such treatment: The Great Lord Greatsword. Which is, all in all, a weapon I quite liked, though not a winner for PVP purposes.

Then again, given how out of whack the Profaned flame is with everything in terms of Lore, take it as you like.
Morty you maybe on to something.
the only GS that comes close to Gwyns sword in DS3 is the cathedral gs. Take a look at it and then compare it to the Profaned GS. Looks nothing like it.
The Propaned Greatsword.
"Best sword, I tell ya whut."
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same moveset as black knight greatsword and i ended with same exact AR on both of 709
Fun fact:Profaned qualitysword and bkg have got different r2s both in 1h and 2h modes
Profaned also doesn't have a 2HR1 -> 2HR2 true combo dealing up to or over 1600 damage so... yeah.
The two handed R1's are different as well
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