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Best weapon in the game 10/10 You just have to equip some heavy armor and you can out-poise even greathammers with this thing. Low weight, very good dmg and low stamina cost + Perfect 1H moveset makes this the best quality weapon I can think off...
Best Non-elemental GS in the first game. It's still the best non-elemental GS in this game. 10/10


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Is there a better great sword of any sort? I haven't found it...
I think Wolf's Knight Greatsword is better. OP Weapon Art, a bit higher attack speed and works against Gael and Midir.
I remember spammers back then and the dank sword using perseverance is there nightmare


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Very quickly climbing the ranks as of late, if only because it cuts through the current heavy armor heavy weapon trade-fest bollocks of a meta the games' currently settled into like a hot knife through butter. Perseverance is just the best WA in the game overall imo, but here it comes with an incredibly solid moveset and great damage, and at least the black knight weapons have always looked badass too.

Unfortunately, I can already see the oversaturation of it beginning, but still a great sword and so satisfying to just literally cut through all this heavy armored trade orientated nonsense that's so prevalent now.
I'm only getting 491ar with a 40/40 build? How are people getting 542 or 560?
2 hand it.
I am. 2 handed I'm getting 491. One handed 476.
Then yours must not be +5. Or it isn't a 40 STR and 40 DEX build.
Cause that's all that can be the issue.
It was +4. I feel dumb.