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What happens to our body when we press traingle then we press L2
Rose of ariandel will hit me and 20% of my blood will lose ...then a lighting will be active in my armor
It's a damage buff to all miracles
This weapon is so good man, won 10 matches in a row! psn: PowerPowder if ya wanna know how I use it!
So sad I didn't get this....would've been perfect for my sexy slave cosplay I had going on...
Is this good enough to be a primary melee weapon for PvP on 60 faith character? Personally, I'm a little skeptical of how useful it might be as an actual weapon in the arena.
No. This weapon is entirely about the weapon art, which boosts miracles by 25% for about 2 minutes.
It's the miracle's equivalent to steady chant but on crack.
With this buff miracles are the hardest hitting school of magic in DS3.

A Sunlight Straight Sword +5 hits way harder than this and is buffable, making it hit ~thrice as hard when buffed.
However the Rose cannot be parried, but cannot riposte. Just dont use it offensively.
Disagree it can be use as a weapon since it is a Weapon/catalyst. It not being able to riposte is not a drawback, using it and a talisman is very good. Sunlight Straight Sword can't combo like Rose of Ariandel and Demon's Scar can with spell.