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Here's the video with undead bone shard in cathedral of the deep -
can we get a chart for how it affects FP recovery via ashen estus?
1. You could make one.
2. start a new char.
3. collect all the shards.
4. use FP.
5. Check FP number.
6. Use flask.
7. Check FP number.
8. upgrade flask.
9. repeat steps 4-8.
10. If this fails, try using manners when asking for favurs.
lol I made it to lorthric castle and finally found out you can do this...
Yeah, I always thought it was just a temporary effect, so I saved all my shards
Im in NG+3, fight last boss of last DLC. Discover what it is.
What do you mean?
the location for the grand archives could be more clear; spent 20 minutes running all over the rooftops trying to figure out where this secret 'room' was before finally searching video and realizing the shard is on the chair on the walkway above the second(?) big group of wax-head dudes hanging around all those bookshelves and can be way more easily reached from the elevator right next to the grand archives bonfire if you've unlocked it already.
new game plus plus on ps now new game plus on comp and only now figured this out. wtf
at estus flask lvl 4, on the delta column, it goes up by 45 not what is listed above (40)

*Increase in hp recovery from previous estus level