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Is black Knight's Weapons are effective against Demon prince?
Thx for the answer
idk your welcome
Yes they are.
They're pretty much his only weakness.
man i hope not too many bosses are weak to magic >:(
dragonslayer armour only i think, i had situation in my 1st run when i pleyed pure magic build and 1st encountered aldrich with his +-80% resist xd
Gael pls R1 L2 R1 me
Can someone please tell me what it means by "mercury" in Darkeater Midir's weaknesses?
im not sure but perhaps they mean the mercury sorcery? heard its pretty useful against him
Midir can be cheesed with the Pestilent Mercury sorcery



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Pestilent mercury can take out around 2000-3000 up from him depending on if you get him to stand still
Pestilent Mercury is a sorcery
But it is the only sorcery that Midir is week to


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When you can't parry Soul of Cinder but he can. (After staggering him as Curved sword/Pyromancies)
That damn dragon Midir.... thank god he's optional
tbh compared to Ancient Dragon from DS2 he's a cakewalk, NONE of his attacks are one hit, you can tank his fire with just fire ring and fire pellets, provided you have decent armor and vigor
Yeah, it's not the fire, that is easily dodged, I'm having trouble with the BS lasers of death and things like the aoe blast attacks and oh yeah: his health, what is it? 3000000?
he's not, how the hell can you play this game without this convenant :D?
Actually, the Crystal Sage does have 2 Melee attacks that CAN be parried.
I am currently playing this game with my boyfriend (our first attempt at Souls game). We have a "death"-agreement. Whenever one of us dies, it is the other one's turn to play. And honestly sometimes I or him have to sit there watching from the start of the level till the boss fight, because the one who is playing doesn't die. As far as Profaned Capital the game is almost a breeze. If you don't rush in and get ambushed by several enemies from different sides, almost nothing can really kill you. Unexpected events like a giant shooting arrows or a black monster erupting from a weak enemy are the biggest threat. Bosses are easy. I personally killed Vordt on my 5th attempt, Crystal Sage on my first, all Stray Demons on my first, Abyss Watchers on my 4th (I was surprised too), Wolnir on my second. My bf took down Gundyr on his second, Deacons on first, Greatwood on his third. And we are usually chatting throughout these fights. We've only had hard time with Pontiff so far.
That's awesome and sounds like a ton of fun to do with someone. I hope you two make it through the rest of the game, and enjoy some those late game bosses you might be on those for a while.
That's what I call love right there, bf and GF beating dark souls together, and unlike dark souls this story will have a happy ending
The game doesn't get challenging until the abyss watchers
You've reached no difficult bosses yet tho
OP here. Thank you ^^ I was a bit afraid of "you aren't supposed to play Dark Souls this way" comments. Phew.
Anyway, we are now on Lothric Princes. Overall the game doesn't feel much harder. Except for one thing: I am not very good against shielded knight opponents and there are much more of them from Anor Londo and forward. They were okay 1vs1, but they come in groups now. Oh! And one more exception: The Irithyll Dungeon. The game suddenly decided to become a horror. Those Jailers are the worst thing I've seen in this game. Not so much hard as unfair and dumb. It doesn't matter how good you are, they will still manage to take your health down. UGH

Otherwise the game feels as challenging as it was in the beginning - not more, not less - and it is great: the difficulty rises smoothly to match grown skill.

When it comes to bosses, they still aren't much of a challenge. We've had a hard time with Pontiff trying to parry him or roll, but once my bf tried to just block his attacks with a shield, he won first try. It felt very stupid and hardly rewarding. I don't know, I was disappointed. He went ahead to take down Aldrich 1st try, Yhorm 1st try (with help from Siegward) and Dancer 3rd try. I started feeling inferior until we got to Dragonslayer Armour and I got lucky to take it down on my 3rd try. Who knew I could do it after struggling with knights the whole game? Confidence restored! I wonder how Nameless King and Cinder will go, but as of now I wouldn't call Dark Souls hard, it is fair and you can't afford to relax, but it is not hard.
P.S. By the way, amazing game, I love it, one of the best gaming experiences of my life.
soul of cinder soul of cinder soul of cinder soul of cinder
dark souls 3 is the easiest game in the whole world
go try dark souls prepare to die and try the capra demon



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Try bloodborne with your same method you need to concentrate like crazy in that game
Don't level passed 60 or the game becomes too easy.
I can't wait until you get to the dlc bosses. Those will truly test you.
What class you using?


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Whoever made put that the Crystal Sage is not parriable that is completely wrong, HE CAN be parried.


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With the spell parry skill?
no he uses melee attacks sometimes
i like*****as well