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I feel like Fromsoftware got it right in Bloodborne\Dark Souls 2. This is a weapon made for warriors who want to do magic damage with their melee weapon, not mages. It always looks so silly in the hands of someone with wizard attire.


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It has B scaling with intellect, it can't be helped but be a wizard weapon. It's great for pvp wizards.
If you want a greatsword for a "spellsword" build, go with the Greatsword of Judgement. It's much closer to the feel of the Bloodborne Holy Moonlight Sword, in my opinion. Though I respect the fact that it's good for pure intelligence builds to have access to a good weapon. Much like the Crucifix of the Mad King is basically made for pure faith builds.
This weapon really destroys black knights and man serpents when it is at +4. Except the larger man serpents it does a little bit of damage.
This weapon should have done full magic damage with a S scaling in intelligence at +5, A scaling at least
Personally, I hate fighting this weapon. Sure, give a Poising monster to a mage. They're already annoying enough to fight given they can just sit back and fire Great Heavy Soul Arrow every 2 seconds, but why not give them a high damage weapon to counter the only method of hitting them with light attacks? Great Idea! Seriously heavy weapons in general in DS3 are broken, purely cause Instantaneous rolling after attacks.


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And this weapon right here is one of the many, many reasons I hate Int builds.
Why has this still not got an S scaling for INT