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I planned a build that uses this weapon in offhand to parry. Turns out it can't. Learn the weapons before making harsh decisions, my friends


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It would also be nice if they listed if it could or couldn't parry. You have to go to the parry section of this wiki to find out what does an doesn't :\

I know the feeling though. Several curved swords I wanted to use off hand for parrying I couldn't, and I was hoping that the quick step of daggers would work off hand but they don't unless 2 handed. RIP
Wow ***** you stat requirements says my sorceress - I'm playing around with CMW vs my +10 Crystal Dagger on the Lothric Knights at the castle bonfire before going onto NG+ (farming spec - 99 luck, 70 int, no str or dex) and this thing at +4 does comparable damage to CMW-buffed +9 Raw Rapier. 700ish vs 800ish back stab, 435 vs 451 charged r2, and nearly the same damage on Stance attacks. Obviously the Rapier is the stronger one in each of these instances but holy *****ing*****. Just the int scaling alone on this early game weapon *with stat penalty on the physical* is enough to nearly match an endgame sorcery cast from an endgame staff? And yeah it's fkn ridiculous, like 364 crystal sage AR vs about 540+ buffed raw rapier AR