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Holy ***** i love these things. Their humming is so fkn chillin.
One of these jerks currently has 50k of my echoes.. gah.
you can keep them on thr ground with beast roar. 2 attacks and knock em down. rinse and repeat
With the 40+ insight, the "singing" may be some sort of siren song, seeing how many people find the sounds so nice and haunting, almost pulling them in.
wish i knew who programmed this***** garbage so i could fly to their *****in house and kill them in their living room with my*****in their face. ***** you
the salt levels is so high it's probably reaching Kos or as some say, Kosm...
The best method I've found so far for dealing with these bastards is (1) make sure you're fighting them in the right place so that any other Winter Lanterns in the area won't notice you because obviously then you're screwed, and (2) use the non-transformed Holy Moonlight Sword's R2 attack--not a full charge attack, though. This hitlocks them easily, and can be used in quick repetition unlike with other strength weapons. (In fact, I'm pretty sure HMS's strong attacks move faster than its standard R1 attacks.) They should go down in roughly 3-5 hits, after which of course you'll want to chug your sedatives.

Side note: this page fails to mention that their gaze causes damage even prior to the frenzy buildup. If you stand in their sight long enough, sedatives will eventually become useless as your HP will begin to corrode RIDICULOUSLY fast--I'm talking a steady decrease in 1000 HP per second that only accelerates the longer those spears of blood continue to erupt from your body. I'm not sure if this happens with all of the Lanterns or just a select few, but it basically necessitates that you kill them within 20 seconds of them spotting you.

AND I'M PRETTY CONVINCED THEY CAN PARTIALLY SEE THROUGH WALLS. No matter where I hide on the bridge of Mensis, they always seem to stop and stare through the wall for long periods of time, until they suddenly just break out in a mad dash to circumvent the barrier. I don't have to move a muscle and this will still trigger this behavior. SO BASICALLY ***** THEM
Anyone else notice that their gown looks more like a combination of the doll's set and the noble dress? These enemies are probably the most confusing in terms of lore, since they appear in so many important places, but seemingly for no reason--guarding the brain of mensis, in the caves of the nightmare frontier, and for some reason in the fishing hamlet, which REALLY throws me off.
so you're telling me that these FROM software *****ers put a*****ty weapon at the end of a tunnel guarded by 2 cheap enemies, just to get **** by a second pair of cheap enemies, three times your size with hair trigger reflexes and broken hitboxes? sooo not worth the reward... pfff
The page says "despite their appearance they cannot see anything behind them", but that's not true in Nightmare of Mensis. They could see me from any angle and at the full distance of their forward vision. They do have to turn towards you to cast the Frenzy spell, but they definitely can see you. I was surprised at this since I was able to sneak up on the couple that were in Nightmare Frontier and easily backstab and eviscerate them. Why the difference? I assume it's the level, but it could be that I had higher insight or some other hidden mechanic.
They kind of remind me of the Flatwoods Monster. Tall, humanoid form, oversized and misshapen head, an incredibly fashion-forward dress, some arms for holding, a piercing gaze, and capable of inducing severe illness. 10/10