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I find it strange what happens later but unifortunatly in the end 4S would die at some point since the pod was spacific that ALL YorHa black boxes has been deactivated
Yeah me too. I was looking for a direct answer to this question but couldn't find any.
At least you know he didn't die from the virus infection
I suppose this means that those 2 wasted YoRHa androids in the Desert Oil Field also died huh. Since it seems like they're wasted, it doesn't look like they uploaded their data to the Bunker like everyone else and 9S almost did.

Still, you have to wonder though, how'd they actually die? Was it because they were attacked and too wasted to defend themselves? Or did their power simply failed due to a lack of maintenance?
I think... those pods were just referring to A2, 2B, and 9s. I mean they didn't have anything to do with the other stranded YorHa units, like they weren't assigned to them so it wasn't their duty. I doubt they would've suddenly died, it wouldn't have made sense.
trying to find sub-quest tips and walktrough and boom, spoilers, Great.
He didnt have pod with him when u wisited him neither did junky girls, hes probably got destroyd and stoner girls distroyed their own couse it was anoying them
I finished the game over 7 times i cant get past 92% what exactly do i need to do, where do i get this "enemy intel" pls someone tell me its soooo annyoing, nobody ever tells exactly what and where to do.



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First off: the quest does tell you where to go because you're just supposed to kill different kinds of enemies. With the locations and types changing based on where you are in the story.
Here's the list of enemies. Find something that you don't have in your unit data, and go hunting. Use the chapter select to go to different points in the game.
Have you completed all side quests? Have you fought the secret level 99 boss? Have you fought the dinosaur goliath at the forest waterfall? Have you killed all the different amusement park robots? What about the golden robots? If yes to all of these then you probably missed a regular enemy somewhere along the line. Remember that different versions of the same enemy (ones with different weapons or shields) count towards completion.
How can I find the dinosaur goliath at the forest waterfall?