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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I see this is pretty empty sooo...
Medi-Voltaic injections with high energy builds work really well throughout the game, currently using the Spitfire Rod and Voltaic Dynamo v.2 and almost always build enough energy to execute and heal in the same fight. I've noticed this works extremely well against robotic enemies since you can still get full energy from hitting their armored areas.
Scarab armor with 3/4 health boosters combos nicely with agression amplifiers, I'm netting just over 70 HP per execute in my test build right now (can't test with both, game ate my mk1 randomly).
Lynx armor + slow weapons do VERY well, so long as you can dodge properly and keep your HP up. The small speed increase is just enough to stun-lock most mobs in the game before they can even get a hit off. Used this combo with PAX's weapon for the first 3 areas of the game and had minimal issues, only had problems with guards tbh.
Proteus armor works pretty well with slow weapons; the high armor/stability and bonus healing help to counteract the slow swing speeds as well as provide a cleaner trade-off to keep tanking hits while extending your combos.
Gorgon set stamina regen is fairly overpowered, and as such benefits hit-and-run tactics to an extreme degree. It's like wearing 3 grass crest shields whilst hooked up to an I.V of green blossoms.
Bonus: Ancillary power cores affect the output of health/stamina/energy modifiers, so it is worth noting for those who can't quite get enough core power to make use of those specific implants.
The Black Cerberus set is actually really good with a high energy build (increased damage when near high energy) along with some Mark 4 health and stamina increase implants allow you to hit hard, take alot of damage and move around rather fast. (I am however on NG++ and using this gear halfway through the game though...

Butterfly: Highly mobile with medium impact build.