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Does it remove your buffs, too?
I tested with deep protection, magic barrier and lightning weapon. As far as I can tell anything already cast will not be removed.
It seems to temporarily disable buffs until the vow of silence effect has ended from what I've seen
This is fun in group PvP. Nothing like setting that up when you're against double casters and watching them cry after they lose.
Does it work the same with low intelligence?
This spell doesn't scale with anything. At all. So intelligence doesn't matter. Faith doesn't matter either, as long as you meet the requirement.
got salty hatemail during a noob sorcerer he said he was going to report me to Fromsoft never laughed so hard
Melee Faith builds in Arena should honestly utilize this more. Because brawls always come down to whoever has a damaging caster is going to win. This however will change that.
I realize it says in the info that the spell works on any sort of projectile, but i want to know if it stops Lothric's magic because i don't want to test it and look like an idiot if it doesn't. I know it doesn't stop the teleporting, but what about the magic in phase 2?
Look like an idiot once, get your question answered forever. (I'm not at that part of the game and don't have enough Faith anyway.)