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Shiva The East? More like... Shiva The Deceased lol
I feel like you repeatedly come back to this page and like your own comment... i've seen this post MANY times on this page and can't understand how you'd get 8 legit likes when all you're doing is either copying what people have already said or are just re-posting the same comment every one in a while to keep it towards the top. I've seen this post word for word just scrolling down through the comments on this page. "Shiva the East? More like... Shiva The Deceased"
If i put on the armor set will i get the shiva summon? dat ice damage.
i hear that if i summon as many white phantoms as i can in each area possible i'll be considered a "summoner", the most powerful class.
This armour is a must have for catacombs of carthus