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"Pontiff Sulyvahn says in his dialogue that he imprisoned a God of the old royalty, Gwyndolin, son of Lord Gwyn (the old royal)."

Dialogue? Does Sulyvahn speak in the game? Never seen it happen and cannot find anything about it...
By far one of the easiest bosses if you're playing melee. Just charge in, and hit his tail until he teleports. From there on, repeat until victory.
sure,but when i'm close to him he hits me with the arrow and I have no time to escape lol But the damage is severe,true..
Edit: He is extremely weak to frost as well. Irythill Straight sword +3 deals huge damage to him. I beat him no sweat with that weapon SL 55.
For those of you planning on summoning another for the fight make sure to dodge the soul masses after you kill him before gesturing. I have seen far to many hosts die because of that little bit of because of that little bit of derpness.
just cast 'Vow of Silence' and this boss will be a little bit easier.
I am trying to costruct a theory based on that Aldrich is the connection to Bloodborne as "Eldritch", because Aldrich is the founder of the Deep, and had visions of the deep sea (where Kosm is). That deep sea definitely relates to the Age of Dark, where humans rule. Bloodborne is the perfect set for the humans deviation of the Dark Soul. The Cathedral of the Deep led investigations that might relate to the excavations performed in the old catacombs in Bloodborne. Therefore, I believe Bloodborne is the universe where the Humans defeated at last the Gods in the Age of Fire, and the Age of Dark referred to humans evolving; although, a new cisma began with the paleblood (paledrakes?) (kin?) and the use of blood contained within the humans. The dark soul was manifesting its power through the ancient blood and somehow Kos might be related to Aldrich or maybe the Painter of Ariandel which is paledrake type. Just an impression that needs work
or some say kos
when he fires the magic bow, 1h k.o...
Don't listen to the nards, definitely not the easiest boss in the game.
Dark orbs of death combined with warping/spear swiping in close proximity lands him/it in the top 5 maybe 10 bosses since Demons S's (in my head).
He's a better replacement for Gravelord Nito for sure if nothing else.
Pff this boss is SOO easy! I beat him without taking any hits on ng+354572646. I was even deprived and didn't level up once! SO EASY. (kill me plz)
Aldrich is hell no ez with fire lol. I did KO her before she has a chance for rain of arrows
Lol yeah, 40/40 int/fth plus chaos is Cheesing him
I soloed him with dark armor and. Lightning brigand twin daggers plus 10
One of the biggest pieces of***** in the game. This fight takes patience and I hate being patient, I like hitting him with my lightning sword. But after dying 15+ times from those *****ing arrow barrages and soul spears, I beat him finally :D Make sure to have the chloranthy ring or some sort of stamina regeneration because you'll need to sprint and dodge A LOT. Eventually you'll kill the guy who ate Gwyndolin and (Priscilla?). Good luck.
This fight depends a lot on luck. Sometimes he never does the bow attack and instead just uses the homing soul mass and lunges at you from time to time. The arrows can be dodged by rolling in circles until it stopsses the homing


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Fun fact: if you have 2 other lord souls, and you die at the same time as you kill Aldritch, you'll be teleported to Emma and immediately fall down dead
how does someone fix that?