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hello there guys... so basically i finished dark souls again... LOL my question is... HOW CAN I GET THE PECULLIAR DOLL??????
Its in the cell you start in, it appears
when you go back to the asylum
I have internet connection than it show unable to connect with server.why?
Hey all my Darksouls loving friends! I have a school assignment in statistics and I have a question for you! How many hours do you sexy people play every day? thank you for your cooperation
Depends on if I have to do anything else. Days where I'm free I tend to play 6 to 7 hours
3-4 xD
2-12 h
Hi, I have a lil problem with running my Dark souls 1 Prepare to die ... I downloaded and succesfully installed all PC port programs but when I start to play my game open normal in full screen ... but 75% of screen is black and only a lil piece on upper left side is normal. Can U help me guys?