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Those four legged robots are so hard to kill, wtf? Like they're one shotting me, all the time and I barely do any damage with my upgraded weapon...gg
Haha yes! I've been browsing the internet for some tips on how to fight them. They usually force me to eat 1 - 2 heals every time. I've tried targeting thier bodyparts but nothing seems to change. Now, it seems they take alot more damage from elemental damage so try that.
If you mean the ones in the 2nd area, I'd recommend not fighting them at all and just dodge spam to the item
me i stay closed to them and hit their leg work and take no potion ;)! have fun
when u pass the way after the third boss can u go back sometime in the game to complete what u didnt ?


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Pass the way?
No matter you have killed the boss or not, you can always go back and explore
Take note that after destroying the final boss... you are automatically forced into New Game +
Whats mean hardcore kill? It's define weapon from boss.
Anybody found a fix for the secret armor set door not opening?