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Cohh Killed Him
Lol Yup But Even So I Feel A Weapon Is Better Than A V.3 Heal When You Get Like 4 V.5 Heals Later Anyways


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When and how?
Does he drop a weapon if you kill him at the beginning?
He does not drop anything. I also killed him just to see what happens.
No i killed him just because he looks like a *****. nothing happened he just died.
Lost out on a vital injection v.3 I did to it sucks
what happand if i dont give him the injector? any1 have some info???
i had a point were i couldn't talk to him so did i fail his quest line ?
Yeah I can't talk to him, but I just got the botecs power core
I went back to Production B's OPS as soon as I got his "medecine", but while the 'talk' option appears, triggering it doesn't activate any dialogue (possible bug ???) I'll get back there later.