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Boy i love how I bought a $60 game, then was told to pay up $30 so you can access the god teir weapons.
With this weapon Friede, Halflight, Gael and many other bosses are extremely easy.
anus destroyer 666
1. Apply lightning blade to morning star
2. Activate perseverance weapon art
3. ???
4. Profit
Perseverance is all you really need to be honest.

What I do is dual wield caestus, use the weapon art then unlock and run behind them while they're doing the L1. Or just use the Mace, Black Knight Sword or Vordts. I understand not every build can use them, but the Mace doesn't have a lot of requirements. If you're STR go Heavy, Quality go Refined. If you're a caster infuse it with Crystal/Lightning/Dark/Chaos and you're set (Mace has good elemental scaling, as well). Pop the weapon art and two swings will break their hyper armor on a heavy armor user, guaranteed. If not it'll take one hit as the Mace has giant poise breaking, or, hyper armor breaking. Never had an issue until I did all of this. The backstab strategy is the best imo but with phantom range and the way these things track? It's hard to get behind them without getting hit.

Just use this every time you encounter them, or launch their *** to infinity and beyond with Stomp. But Perseverance is key to countering them.
Key to nerfing these is remove it's L1 combo ability (From, you'll nerf EVERY other heavy weapon combo but not this? REALLY?) and increase the requirements. Two dual ultras, these things should weight more than Ledo's, I'd say around 30.0-35.0 units and that'll negate people able to use these with heavy armor unless it's a vit build. Also increase the wielding requirements, it should honestly require 50-60 strength, I say 50. This would negate all the quality builds (lets be honest there's a*****load of them) from using them, and they wouldn't be able to cheese the requirement with Knights Ring. Doing this will nullify the amount of scrubs (lets be honest, it's a scrub weapon, a one trick pony weapon) using it.

Fixing Phantom Range would mean completely revamping the game and the way latency should work. That's never going to happen. But these changes are reasonable. Remove the combo ability and increase the requirements, easy.
Lol look at all these babies downvoting a reasonable suggestion. Only people who would dislike this are the min/max quality builds using this weapon.
Hey guys have over 1 billion wins in PVP and you are all big babies, I beat players using these swords all the the time with only my bare fists.
Wanna know how to counter these? Walk the left and punish
I'm sad cause as soon as I saw these in the trailer they became my favorite weapon, but (classic) Fromsoft ****ed up balancing and now they're considered cancer :(