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“At 40 Faith, the total Spellbuff is 189“

If the number is correct, this is the strongest catalyst at 40 faith.
It seems like this is not meant to be used by full faith casters, it's for hybrids who only go up to 40 faith and use their other points in strength or dex.



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what is it at 60 faith?
Only pyromancers wouldn't level Faith up to 60 so I guess who'd use it for buffing Crystal Chime lightning miracles. You could also kill somebody with it if you're lucky as for my 45 Faith 20 Dex and 19 Str the damage sucks pendulum (131+158). I'd get moar fun from lightning infused morning star :D


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Correct on all counts, yes. The spellbuff scaling drops off significantly after 40, to the point that there's little reason to go beyond that when using it.
It spell buff with 60 Faith is 201 but with it Weapon Art it and any other Miracle Catalysts can do more Dmg with Offensive Miracle it is for Full Caster and it to help those who have 40 Faith reach the dmg that 60 Faith players can do but it for increasing Miracle Dmg in general.
Upcoming patch will make this weapon unparriable.
and remove poise, so imo, a nerf
removing the poise didnt matter because its faster than weapons that have hyper armor and since its now unparryable they cant just wait for that third swing like most do
miracle buff lasts 110 seconds
I used to be counting... it's 122 seconds at least. And around 136 with Lingering Dragoncrest Ring
its a flagellation whip, not a flail
maybe it's a flagellation flail, and he's just that tough?
Why isn't the spell buff at 60 FTH displayed? Or 99 for that matter. Just for reference. And why has noone bothered to mention the WA and/or by how much it buffs your miracles?


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Because it's on the Awakening skill page