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Bought the pre order and can confirm that I was sold Dark Souls III with Season Pass as described on the website so yes the Fire Fades is just the Deluxe Edition with an art book (and map in the Japanese version) on PC and on consoles should just be like Bloodborne with the DLC included on disk but can't verify that one. On PC it is exactly the same as having purchased Dark Souls III Deluxe and even activates as such on Steam hence no splitting of the player base as with Scholar! Praise the Sun!
So if I buy Dark Souls 3 Deluxe Edition on steam, will I get The Fire Fades Edition?
Should clarify: Fire Fades IS NOT a new version and the code activates as Deluxe on Steam but you won't get anything additional unless you buy the physical release and none of the versions have the same amount of goodies like a soundtrack or full map as the Japan/China/Korea release. If you want everything plus a Steam code in your region it's most likely cheaper and has more benefits as far as I know to purchase the Physical version with whatever they include (in the UK Deluxe is £50 on Steam but £30 on Amazon, dunno about US or other regions) or find a site selling the key alone if you don't want to wait for postage. For console, I'd say there's little to no benefit buying Deluxe online unless you really are worried about the slightly quicker loading speeds but there's not much in the box for any of the English releases for PC users not to just find whichever's cheapest and ignore the physical extras I believe.
"So if I buy Dark Souls 3 Deluxe Edition on steam, will I get The Fire Fades Edition?"

The Fire Fades Edition IS the Deluxe Edition. It is quite literally the Same game. This is NOT like Scholar in any way.