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Can be staggered, but NOT riposted
I killed this guy the easy way by using Hidden Body and sniping him with a +9 Arbalest. Yes, I know, I'm pathetic.
I lured him to The bridge before that dragon. Se Both died. I got The set in his spawn location.
Hidden Body, Slumbering DragonCrest Ring, and Pestilent Mercury. Deadly combo that works on almost all mini-bosses.
Cast hidden body and approach him, stop a few steps from him, just so he wont aggro, then cast pestilent mercury.
Back away and notice he approaches the mercury himself. Cast hidden body often so you wont be caught.
He'll be dead without you breaking a sweat.
Don't think so

I was using hidden body to scope out the area and he aggroed me from a mile away. Hidden body doesn't seem to have any effect on him
One of the most melee friendly bosses in the entire series and you guys are trying to cheese him, lmao.
you guys are noob I defeated him just like I beat the dragonslayer armor
it was a much cooler fight than the pilgrim butterfly one. no stupid cheap boss moves, just you and this beast going at it.
Need at least 56-57 vit to full cosplay the Iron Dragonslayer. Items:
Havel's +3, Rings of Favor +3, 2 additional rings, full Iron Dragonslayer set, Dragonslayer Greataxe, and Dragonslayer Greatshield.