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I'm not really understanding. This says: "For killing an invader, the host receives 15% of the souls required for the invader's most recent level-up (rounded down)." But my friend and I have dueled each other lots and have tried many different scenarios and still only get about 2% of souls from each other without the extra soul find gears. How do you get 15%?
Invaders and Summoned Red Phantoms are *not* the same thing.
I need help in ferron keep boss
What console?
Rapier spammers need to be eradicated.
Still crying for Rapiers? Oh god.
pls help me twin princes pasword jurco
TL;DR Ganks, dumb helper phantoms, and arena meta weapons with phantom range or quick attacks and high damage. Miyazaki/10 would be pointed down and be considered a scrub again... *****ing hell...
I hate that this game discourages multiplayer in any form other than the arena or red sign duels. If you want to co-op, you have to deal with invaders on a regular basis. If you want to invade, you have to put up with all of the 3v1 or 4v1 fights.
Dealing with that right now. 5 invasions in a row where I've been entirely outnumbered. Once by a 4 v 1. You can barely 2 v 1 with the level differences (i.e. 2v1 against 200+ when I'm 175)
I get bored if a host is alone so I'll end the invasion. I like to stalk a few enemies with a bow and remain unseen with the obscuring ring.
Is it me or have the summoning signs on Xbox randomly began to glitch out? I've tried to summon phantoms to give me a hand with Gael and Darkeater Midir and every time I've tried, I get the "unable to summon phantom" message. Even when it says that, I can't hit up the nearby bonfire, nor can I quit the game without dashboarding out of the game. It's even happened when I've accidentally summoned invaders to my game.
If it does that constantly than its not server issues or anything its just someone else summoned them before you
Im still getting invaded + seeing white signs at rimged city streets and ive killed all dlc bosses any reason for this? ive had a red and a purple invade me :s
Have you killed Darkeater Midir aswell (Bossform) ?
Sorry if this is a stupid question but does matchmaking ON mean you can play online with people from Japan or is it the other way around? Or am I wrong altogether?
I always assumed ON matches you up with a similar level player.
"in lieu of a normalizing adjustment to phantom attack power." big of an adjustment? LOL.
Noone knows how exactly, but for every single phantom you have connected on your server the mobs get more HP and more dmg. Same goes for bosses