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Virus inducing. Do not fall for trick. I totally tested this myself and I am totally not trolling. Kappa
When I infused my offhand shield with a blessed gem, the HP recovery continued when I two-handed my mainhand weapon. If I were to do the same with a caestus, would I continue to get the bonus, when two-handing my main weapon?
Update: I did it, and it works!
Ok next dlc needs to add a frost gem no if ands or buts, they have every other infusion except a frost gem
Dev's got LAZY with this aspect of the game. Most infusions hurt my base damage. Unless I'm keeping a D&D monster manual of every enemy and their weakness (this particularly applies to elemental dmg, scaling or no) I'm better off with straight upgrades and MAYBE a heavy/sharp/refined infuse. LAAAAME
It's not that they got lazy they just nerfed infusions.
Every infusion lowers base damage except raw. They increase scaling, just because you're a lazy noob that doesn't care to learn enemy counters doesn't mean it's the dev's fault.
Something i found is that it can't infuse executioners greatsword. It scales with normal titonite. Anyone know why it can't infuse.
Because of passive