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where is rose shileld?
It's not in 3


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the equivalent is grass crest shield
want to experiement with shields a little more but that shoulder button doesn't work how it should be. 0,5 sec delay. Also annoying that you cannot shield up when getting hit fast. great shields at least should ignore the backlash and go up no matter what. but you get chain staggered over and over again by the smallest toothpicks.
git gud
Does anyone ever read comments before where they post on this wiki? Once you get so far, it's about 5 comments strait of "the cathedral knights greatshield is missing!!" For the love of through before you post.
shield recommended for blessed infusion? I want one that can have weapon skill ability mostly and high stability. Going for a paladin build
just use the Oak shield from the first dlc, it has Hp regen by defualt, make sure you upgrade it for faster hp ticks


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Bless the Eastern Round shield,it has good stability,ok absorbtion and has the weapon skill
wish we can bash with shields that acts same as kicking just like lothrick knights and such
You can, just use a weapon and shield in reverse. It's actually pretty nito once you get used to it.
missing the follower shield.



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The Giant Door Shields aren't listed on this page.



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Dlc shields have their own pages see the ringed city shields