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''you can now resist stagger from one or two attacks every time you attack, which allows tanky, high poise builds to play much more aggressively'' it basically allows heavy weapon users to spam hits now and immobilizes all dex type of users, thus making many of them pretty much useless. Plus, hitboxes on most heavy weapons are total crap. UNBALANCE MUCH? that's probably the reason why 90% of the players I come across use heavy weaponry after the latest patch. Game is more unbalanced than ever atm and needs to revert imo.
It's not unbalanced, if a player using a heavy weapon attacks more than once if the first swing doesn't land a backstabbing is almost guaranteed, maybe it's just that you don't know how to avoid heavy attacks.
i think you only read 1/4 of what I stated. I do know how to avoid heavy hits but the unbalance is pretty clear especially with the bad hit boxes, yesterday i was being hit by two handers on distances like 2+ in game meters away from the oppenent's weapon edge. I used way too many different builds and I can see what's going on here. PS: its not just avoiding the hit, someone has to kill someone and I think you are aware of that.
Heavys just work that way. Dex is still a way better pvp choice. The problem with heavy weapons is once you can get a hang of the delay on their attacks(lag) , you can easily just start parrying every first hit. The range and hyperarmor frames they get is very minor compared to the rolls, stamina recovery and speed you get using light weapons



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when I'm talking about dex type users I mean people that mostly use small one handed weapons that most of them also scale with dex.
Poise is all screwed up.

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