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If the dark soul came from the first flame and the flame fades why is there going to be a age of dark? The dark should fade alongside life, death, and light.
Because the Everlasting Dragons are no longer there to propagate the Age of Grey. If they were still there and the Fire fades, Dark cannot exist because of their ruleover Grey.
Light is the opposite of Dark, and since you know of both you want to call it Dark not nothingness
Because of the gods stupidity basically. The First Flame wasn't spread through generations, instead it gave a lot of power but remained in one, single flame. But the Dark Soul spread within all humanity, to the point in wich every human has a fragment of the Dark Soul, and thus it keeps growing and growing.
Also, if you analyze it again, it doesn't make sense, why did Gwyn's Flame fade out to the point he had to burn himself but the shards that Nito or the Witch of Izalith had didn't?
Maybe the first flame is fading because it lost the dark soul, which seems to be eternal, and if the said dark soul were to be added to the first flame, it would be eternal (until someone, if possible, would remove the dark soul again).
Their armor was charred when they fought the demons, not when Gwyn linked the flame. Their bodies got incinerated when that happened.
dude the black knights were there at the kiln even after lord gwen linked the flame
1. What is the "Age of the Deep Sea" (mentioned in Aldrich soul description) and how does it differ from the Age of Dark?
2. If the "Darksign" is the sign of undeath possessed by all undead, what distinguishes it from the "Dark Sigil" present only in certain undead?
I'll give you my speculation. All unkindled have the darksign, but they don't have any more umanity since it burned with them when they linked the flame. So they are nothing but empty beings born from the undead ashes, while dark sigils may be the consumed shapes of the umanities they had. Now think of it something like human effigies in ds2, just in a more deteriorate and darker state. The item description of these 2 items has some pretty similar lines too. Effigies allow the undead to reverse hollowing and stay human. Sigils let the unkindled be more like an undead. That's why they can get the curse only when they have the sigils.


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Was hoping to see some lore on this page about Ariandel by now :/
What happened to all the lore contributors? There is still so much that hasn't been covered.


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I guess I should start adding some of the DLC lore.


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As well as some left out lore for some of the areas.


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So people say Demon's Souls and Dark Souls aren't connected but Storm Ruler?



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The weapon itself isn't necessarily a connection, given moonlight great sword has seen so many reincarnations



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One of the drone enemies in the Armored Core series is called "Hellkite"

Personally, I think From made SOOOO many references to BB and Demon's in DS3 that it's likely that they wanted to emphasize the concept of "same universe." However, that's not to say "same world." Here's an example of what I mean; while I've stated a belief that there's evidence Aldrich might have dreamed of the world of Bloodborne, I wouldn't advocate that BB is actually "Dark Souls 4" or anything like that. Or in other words, I would not say that Yharnam is the future version of Lordran/Lothric.

More like, he peered into another world and was inspired to shape his own.


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Well yeah, I heard a theory that Demon's Souls was post-Dark Souls, in the Age of Dark. And the MGS may have reincarnations, but the Storm Ruler was literally the same weapon, name and ability.
Patches is right from Demon Soul's is he not? That would make it very obvious that it's the same universe
Its most likely an homage to demon souls as opposed to anything else.



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I added a section for DLC, if it's easier for people to consolidate the new content into one heading.
Guys, I read this page but found no answer to my Q: how the **** Aldrich could devour Gwyndolin if Gwyndolin has been killed by DS1 protag?


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The logical answer would be "DS1 protag didn't kill Gwyndolin". He was an optional boss, and it's possible the canon Chosen Undead skipped him.
"Time is convoluted in Lordran"

It's very likely that each game takes place in a separate timeline.
It was probably an illusion. When we kill Gwyndolin in DS1, the sun disappears and Anor Londo becomes a dark place. He probably enchente that place.
Version 1: Aldrich is sucking on the dead body of Gwyndolin because Aldrich is a sick bastard.

Version 2 (most likely): Gwyndolin survived the encounter with us in DS1 (also he's an optional boss) but became so weak that Pontiff Sulyvahn managed to imprison him and fed him to Aldrich, because Aldrich is a sick bastard.
The chosen undead, didnt kill him or the Gwynevere illusion because he linked the flame again.
How was Ornstien able to set out to kill the nameless king if you kill him in DS1??? Orn's armour description says "..this knight, who long guarded the ruined cathedral, left the land in search of the nameless king"
the ornstien you face off against in dark souls 1 was a illusion made by gwyndolin
Dude it's Dark Souls, everyone dies and comes back to life. How do you not realize this?
I think of it as a new cycle, what played out in DS1 didn't happen in this cycle
Dark Souls 3 might be in another timeline with very subtle changes, such as Ornstien not dying and waited till he left Anor Londo and searched for the nameless king