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Despite the supposed nordic mythology background where the description puts her she is more of a Sheherazade from 1000 nights and one night if I look at her movement and armor. But not a valkyrie. That role is Shiras to fullfill. And the "evil powerhungry magician" plot makes Sulyvahn basicaly the Jafar of DS3. The doppelganger trick is also a give away. It's a classic move for an evil sorcerer from the east. In the end I think that is where FROM took their ideas this time for their game. "Aladdin", "Prince of Persia" and so on.
this boss actually has 3 phases discovered by mattpat and it is completely different from other bosses from the music to the combat
Anyone else wishing she had a attack were she would sit on the player character? I mean, I am slapping that booty the whole time anyways, why can´t you give me this From?
Anyone else have severe performance issues in this fight? Walk in and suddenly I'm getting 2-3 frames a second and a bunch of skipping, makes dodging somewhat difficult.
surprisingly, i beat this boss on my first try as a sorcerer by spamming ghs and sp every chance I got
Pyromancers: Just spam black flame on her in melee, easy af to kill.


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Pyromancer... Dark Clutch Ring, Carthus Milking, Great Swamp Ring, Witch's Ring... Use Black Fire Orb and roll/Dodge when necessary. 5 minute battle.


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I'm the high dmg Dragon build sunbro at the dancer and the twin princes >:)
same gamertag i can help sometimes
Her "spinning ballet of death" is a tad bit annoying, easily dodged by spamming the roll button in the opposite direction while locked on. Her grab in the first phase is a bit more annoying seeming not able to be rolled away from left or right, i have yet to try if backwards rolling would be a better alternative.