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Despite the supposed nordic mythology background where the description puts her she is more of a Sheherazade from 1000 nights and one night if I look at her movement and armor. But not a valkyrie. That role is Shiras to fullfill. And the "evil powerhungry magician" plot makes Sulyvahn basicaly the Jafar of DS3. The doppelganger trick is also a give away. It's a classic move for an evil sorcerer from the east. In the end I think that is where FROM took their ideas this time for their game. "Aladdin", "Prince of Persia" and so on.
this boss actually has 3 phases discovered by mattpat and it is completely different from other bosses from the music to the combat
Anyone else wishing she had a attack were she would sit on the player character? I mean, I am slapping that booty the whole time anyways, why can´t you give me this From?
WOW I've never seen so many horny nerds in one spot
Anyone else have severe performance issues in this fight? Walk in and suddenly I'm getting 2-3 frames a second and a bunch of skipping, makes dodging somewhat difficult.
Somewhat understandable, considering the visual-heavy nature of the battle.



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When you get moon connection
surprisingly, i beat this boss on my first try as a sorcerer by spamming ghs and sp every chance I got
Pyromancers: Just spam black flame on her in melee, easy af to kill.


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Pyromancer... Dark Clutch Ring, Carthus Milking, Great Swamp Ring, Witch's Ring... Use Black Fire Orb and roll/Dodge when necessary. 5 minute battle.


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I'm the high dmg Dragon build sunbro at the dancer and the twin princes >:)
same gamertag i can help sometimes
Her "spinning ballet of death" is a tad bit annoying, easily dodged by spamming the roll button in the opposite direction while locked on. Her grab in the first phase is a bit more annoying seeming not able to be rolled away from left or right, i have yet to try if backwards rolling would be a better alternative.
Why is she the only damn boss that Phantoms can't get through the fog gate? Seems like a pretty big problem, especially on a Summon -Only pacifist route.
There are... pacifist playthroughs of dark souls games? Why...?
You mean "*****ing loser who can't play the game" route?



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You sure about that? I summoned a Sunbro and they got through the fog wall. Hope your run goes well, fellow Unkindled!
This aint undertale ***