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anri was never at the bridge for me. is my playthrough ruined?

I started a whole NG+ just to get the ending, and I decide to kill Wolnir before talking to Anri.

*****ing despawns and now I don't know if I can't continue the quest anymore.
I believe you are alright. If you defeat the church boys Anri will show up in firelink, then in the catacombs location A, then location B. This is true whether Wolnir has been defeated or not.

I'm also fairly sure that even if you miss this entirely, Anri still gets assassinated at the temple if you don't kill the assassin. It's difficult to completely foil this questline as long as you remember to get your 5 darksigns before Abyss Watchers.

Thank you, you're a sanity savior.
@anon from 4/11: You can actually get the five sigils even AFTER the Abyss Watchers, you just can't enter the Catacombs or the questline fails, i've done it myself.
If you killed The Abyss Watchers before getting Yoel, is it still possible to spawn her?
I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but i had brought Yoel to firelink shrine, killed the Abyss Watchers and THEN got the five sigils and everything worked out fine. As long as you don't enter the Catacombs of Carthus Yoel's questline shouldn't fail.
I got the ending with her but now shes dead so i cant ever buy the ring? Ng doesnt reset her or yoel
I didn't buy the Londor Braille Divine Tome from her, but I ended the game summoning her (So I assume she died), where can I find it ?
Next play through when you meet her again
Next playthrough
All u guys need is the ring for invasion trolling and then one shot the host with a good backstab:
+10 buffed dagger
Hornet ring
Morion blade
Red tearstone ring
Sacred oath
Critical health