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Guts anyone?
Original joke!


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Will Trade titanite Slab for dis, PSN is Prozzorian
You cant trade upgrading materials
That's the joke, I guess.


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Doesn't work with Pontiff Eye Rings, Old Wolf Curved Sword, or Carthus Beacon. There is no bleed scaling with Luck on Splintering Bolts. The WA barely does more damage than a normal shot, IF you hit with most of the bolts. (You won't) I'm struggling to understand what the intention of this weapon is. Right now, it's just a nice looking pile of trash.

Buff crossbows or just give me my Sanctum Repeating Crossbow back...


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"Used in the battles of an endless journey"
Can you feel the Struggle?
Willing to trade! Xbox One: I Lenny I.