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TWF when you just bought the original game without DLC's for 60 dollars, and then you found out that DS3 the fire fades edition will come out with all the DLCs. I feel betrayed, disappointed(to myself).
You paid extra for getting the game sooner.
Good thing I didn't bought it yet, because I've been waiting for it.
Got the Bloodborne: the old hunter edition & Dark Souls II: scholar of the first sin
Will the player base for online interaction be split like in DS2 Base & Scholar of the first sin?
Hopefully not. The reason it was split in ds2 is because they actually reworked the game (changed enemy placement, added optional aldia boss fight at the end). This new release of ds3 will still be the same as the base game, so hopefully they allow play between the two games
I already have the season pass, will I get this version for free?
Nope but there's no point, it's just a bundle.
April 20th or 21th?