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If you guys want ridiculous damage out of this, put darkmoon blade on this, best combos are R1 R1 or L2 L2
look out for the pale man. he'll try and befriend you then backstab you with this when you least expect it.
Estoc is no longer bestoc (sad music). I guess non-dlc users can still use estoc...till they get one of their paid-to-play friends to drop them one of theses (that's what I did lol).



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Salty players call this Crow Queers
After the Latest patch my Sharp Crow Quills +10 No longer have an S Scaling in Dex.


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After the Patch they now don't have the glorious S scaling in Dex when infused with Sharp but instead only go up to A Scaling.
Can confirm, Sharp Crow Quills got a HUGE nerf. With the lower scaling, on my 45 Dex build I've gone from 403 AR (unbuffed) to 374 after the patch... They were my strongest Dex weapon by a decent margin and now I've got several with higher AR.