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Sirris says she an adversary to me now. I tried to progress her quest at the same time of Leohnard's. I offered Rosaria a pale tongue, returned to Firelink to see her standing up. I talked to her and she said y'know we're adversaries now. I tried changing my appearance to see if she'd return because she disappeared after that I talked to her. Haven't seen her since. Did I fail her quest? What do I do?
yeah, you failed it. progressing in the Rosaria covenant fails immediately, as mentioned by the wiki.
I need help
Sirris' summon sign didn't showed up after i killed sulyvanh's beast.
reload the area
Her sign showed up around where the beast spawned not in the middle of the bridge try there
I wanted to complete her questline on my current playthrough but I failed somewhere.
I didn't return to the shrine at all after I killed the Abyss Watchers and all through the catacombs through to Irithyll, where I finally returned then went back to get summoned by Sirris, only to find nothing, so I'm sure I missed the second encounter with her at the shrine but I didn't know you had to speak to her before a certain point.
You have to loot the dreamchaser's ash in farron keep to trigger the second encounter where she "befriends" you.