Comments made to our Salt & Sanctuary Wiki
I wish someone would be really nice and (when they are only missing final boss in their playthrough) run from start of the game to the end in the exact route you have to go. It would be much easier, for us stupids, to just skip ahead in the video untill you see an area you haven't been at then rewind a bit to see how he got in there.
Make of video of the run. I forgot to start with that >.<
If you go Castle of Storms > Dome of Forgotten > Ziggurat of Dust and get the Dart Jump, you can then go through Far Beach to Pitchwoods and from there to Siam Lake, bypassing Red Hall, Hagar's Cavern, Ruined Temple, 2nd half of the Ziggurat, and the Mire of Stench.
Now i know why i'm being killed so much, i'm trying to kill the Third Lamb before going to the Hager's Cavern!!!!
In my opinion Hagers is more difficult than the Dome.
Hagers is just annoying. You don't have to fight in it to beat anything at the Dome.
This walkthrough really needs a rework. The most important thing which is constantly skipped is your initial reference point. For example from 15 I went and found 15.1 and finished that but you then reach a situation for 16 going into the Lower Ziggurat and we have no clue where the "start" is. Is it down and right towards sanctuary from the end of 15? Is there a different entrance they're using?

The point being for this walkthrough to be legible and helpful all starting information should begin with stating which sanctuary you start at. At least this way people can place a guide, look at the travel option, and choose the appropriate sanctuary that they should have gone through from the previous steps in the walkthrough to begin the next.
Protip, you don't need dart , you just need long jumps! Tap jump and dash while standing still then the hold the direction you need to go (forward or backward) , You can break the game with longjump.