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hi, I have a problem. Game starts only with knight class, And it cannot be changed. when I click "Class" nothing happens.


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You start the game with one class and it cannot be changed unless you start a new game
good nioh , good idea ;)
Which starter is best for a Quality/faith build? Like, 40/40. I'd like to stop leveling at around 125/120.
Wishfully thinking, I'd like around 30 faith, realistically, I can only see myself reaching around 20 to 25.
I dont like quality hybrid builds, but choosing herald is a great choice for it. I recommend a strength and faith build, but ultimately herald is your best choice.
Assassin is a great class because spook makes a lot of shortcuts for the game and you can get free backstabs on tough enemies. I recommend using your second attunement for hidden body and use scimitar and dagger and dumping points in dex and using sharp weapons.
I do best with tank in rpg games, and i choose knight in both dark souls 2 and 3, but if it's your first time playing dark souls better not to choose knight.