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Great against invaders who run away and refuse to accept their fate to get ganked.
you stupid
Be me
Be a friendly invader
Find a group of three
Seem friendly
Drop five embers for host
Phantoms gank me
Get pointed down on
Invade same world by chance
Hide behind corner
Strong attack
Am I the only one who thinks that Seeds shouldn't bother Faithfuls and Watchdogs?I mean they are protecting their World,the Host is invading
wish this ***** could be purchased for a large sum of souls, i'd gladly pay it. Invaders are 99.999% **** ***, when the going is good they keep coming at you, when ***** gets rough, they chug an chug estus and run away! wtf!? so many times i've gotten near a hard *** area and killed just about everything cause i'm exploring and finding things, like in lothric, imagine almost the whole area being cleared and now i have like half of my health left and one estus maybe then guess what, YOU"VE BEEN INVADED BY A PIECE OF *****. even then I don't run to the boss door cause i'd be dead with that amount of health anyways so I face the invader.
If I end up winning like I did in this situation, the little *** just run away, chug estus and try to find a large group to hide behind. THATS SO *****ING ANNOYING. luckly a blue phantom came along and we hunted this little *** and he had noone to hide behind cause the level was cleared alreay lol.
lol u wish u were gud dont u
git *****ing gud
tree giant seed actually makes invading this guy funny, I think he was the one who sent me hate mail when I brought those mobs to him