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Great against invaders who run away and refuse to accept their fate to get ganked.
you stupid
Be me
Be a friendly invader
Find a group of three
Seem friendly
Drop five embers for host
Phantoms gank me
Get pointed down on
Invade same world by chance
Hide behind corner
Strong attack
a *****ing ganking worthless piece of*****
Am I the only one who thinks that Seeds shouldn't bother Faithfuls and Watchdogs?I mean they are protecting their World,the Host is invading
wish this ***** could be purchased for a large sum of souls, i'd gladly pay it. Invaders are 99.999% **** ***, when the going is good they keep coming at you, when ***** gets rough, they chug an chug estus and run away! wtf!? so many times i've gotten near a hard *** area and killed just about everything cause i'm exploring and finding things, like in lothric, imagine almost the whole area being cleared and now i have like half of my health left and one estus maybe then guess what, YOU"VE BEEN INVADED BY A PIECE OF *****. even then I don't run to the boss door cause i'd be dead with that amount of health anyways so I face the invader.
If I end up winning like I did in this situation, the little *** just run away, chug estus and try to find a large group to hide behind. THATS SO *****ING ANNOYING. luckly a blue phantom came along and we hunted this little *** and he had noone to hide behind cause the level was cleared alreay lol.
lol u wish u were gud dont u
git *****ing gud
tree giant seed actually makes invading this guy funny, I think he was the one who sent me hate mail when I brought those mobs to him
hey look this commentor is a *****ing ganker
Ugh I love this thing. So tired of getting ganked at irithyll by two faithfuls and a dark spirit. Especially when the nub runs away to the silver knights just prepared on his r1 button
Heh, yeah. Pontiffs, Crucifixion Woods, Archdragon Peak, Archives and the DLC are the areas I seed by default. Get mad all you want but the minute I seed those places no invader is getting out of there alive. Especially at high NGs, hilarious.
invaders will always have half estus and ashen estus cant be embered and will always have to fight 1v3 or 1v2 because everyone ganks you so really they deserve some extra back up with the mobs
Is there anyway you can get this thing offline?
NPC invaders such as Kirk and Tsorig.
So these drop very infrequently? Then how is it about 75% of hosts I invade pop one of these things? I invaded the same guy 3 times within 30 minutes and he popped a seed every time! Where the hell are people getting so many seeds from??
You don't even need to collect that many, just use backup saves. You only need 5 (the max amount you can hold on you at any given time, the rest go into storage), after you use those 5 while ganking you just reload your backup save and boom, you have 5 again all ready to go.

Alternatively just have a friend drop them for you 5 at a time. Again backup saves, and thus save scumming. I'm on PC but I'm pretty sure you can do it on consoles as well, PS4 at least.

I'll leave you with this bit of advice though: stick to invasions at SL70 with +8 upgraded weapons or below. 30-40 +4 and 50-60 +6 are especially great with a wide variety of areas you can invade. At these levels you very rarely run into seed, so rarely that when you do run into it you can just black crystal out and not waste your time. Like maybe 1/20 or 1/30 invasions you get a seeded one, the other 19 or 29 are fair game (whether gank or not, no seed). Lots of fun this way, basically there's a linear relationship between cancerous players abusing the system and seed usage, and level. The higher the SL the higher the chance of running into seed. On PC the same relationship tends to hold true with hackers as well, SL120-140 post-pontiff is a hotspot for hackers.