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When farming, use Red/Halberd. Staggers skeletons excelently!
Also try abyss watchers bonfire and go right. Roll through skeleboulder and fight BOTH GS skeletons.
Souls go to those who are having a hard time farming.

1st enemy down, got it, 111 discovery... Extremely lucky. I have 11 luck.
Found it on first trip through carocombs. Zero points into luck. Just "lucky" I guess.
Good with 30 strength, 40dex, 40 luck. ring and hollow luck lvl too
What ring?
I have a Blood Infusion 50 lck +10 ^ and have a 70 Bleed effect
with to hit they are bleeding
I find this hard to believe, but then again I don't have a bleed infused +10 with 50 luck, but I know that at 30 luck +10 it gets 56 in bleed
big bleed weapons are pointless in this game they a just too slow. avoid them nad get a faster one.
They buffed base bleed on this wep, plus with rouge I bleed in two-three hits. Or just one battle art
Not Carthus Curved GS, when infused with hollow it gets a ridiculously high bleed. Of course Oni&Uba and Warden Twinblades are better choices for PvP, but Carthus CGS is awesome in PvE and I got a lot of kills in PvP with this baby as well. Not as much as with Oni&Uba tho
carthus curved greatsword meta when