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I killed Leonard and transposed rosaria´s soul into a miracle. Can I still rank up after her death without reviving her??? Or I´ll have to wait until NG+???
You can still rank up and reallocate stats or change appearance. There's really no point in reviving Rosaria
@Hosts: Sorry to bother you, but could you please stop disconnecting? I'm pretty bad at PvP and don't want to run around and steal your time. Just brawl for fun. Learn one or two things. Have a good time with you together. And you will probably summon help either way so it won't be any more stressfull than killing a baby crab. So could you pls stop disconnecting? - Sincerely, your invader from last time you've rage quit Dark Souls 3.
Disconnect if I want to. Gtfo of my world.
"It will happen to you too.."
Will the mess up hollowing


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It's weird, most of the time I only get 1 forked pale tongue when I use this convenant. I had the double reward only the first time and never again :c
Having 99 of the covenant item never have been more useless.
At least in Ds2 you could have matched people in the covenant arena after maxing out the covenant.
Can you offer pale tongues with no consequences after defeating hodrick with sirris? After she swears to help you and disappears from the shrine?
nope. she's a damn liar is what she is. the second you offer up a tongue, she turns hostile towards you.
My question: Is possible to acquire pale tongue? I have invaded 20 times and I have never find a 1 vs 1 fight, only 2/3 vs 1