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The full question is, what is the best or coolest weapon combo that you got, seen or usually can get when fighting? For example, the classic Straight Sword R1, R1 and the R2 for roll catch. Obvious examples of certain halberds and a lot of new weapons allow for some crazy combos.

One really cool one is the Valorheart has an R1,R1, Jump Attack and then Weapon Art R1. It works like half the time, it is pretty insane, of course it leaves you with very little stamina but still awesome.

Either way, sound off in the comments to be featured in my video filled with your answers! Please be clear and concise with your answers as I will be using them. ENJOY THE WOMBO COMBOS!


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Anything into seething chaos but it's hard to setup.


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Anything that mixes throwing knife in with the melee combo. [insert SURPRISE MOTHERF%#&@! meme here]

Also love axe/Hammer charged R2 with warcry weapon art.
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A few rolls with Milkring to keep them guessing. Then Chaos Blade WA dash into R2 dive attack as they try to get away.

Edit- I don't think this the best or coolest. Just what works the best for keeping people off guard with that build.
It's funny watching people try to parry a dive attack.
Hilarious when they keep doing it.



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weapon art=>L1=>R2=>reverse backstep=>L1
Watch on

also something many people ignore is that you can cancel many weapon arts with a forward R2...
with the old wolf sword it does this:
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I never tire of watching the 3-hit hornet riposte on the dragonslayer axe. Just looks good & mean, and isn't absurd like the scythe riposte.
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