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I'm hope I'm in the right place. Anyway, sorry if this is a dumb question but I was just wondering, if I were to write a satirical review of a board game, would the Fextralife blog be an appropriate place to post it or no? And if so, should I submit it as just a normal article or as an actual review of the game, or doesn't it matter? Also, what would be the limits on profanity? Thanks.


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I don't see why not. I too am planning a satirical article, so I hope so.

@Fexelea Are there any caveats for satire writing?
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I've done plenty of satire.

Swearing is a little more acceptable on the blog than forum. Don't go crazy though.

Be careful not to cross from satire to libel.

Be careful not to cross from satire to cruelty.

Only editors can hit the publish button. If you've crossed a line, you'll hear about it
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