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Also drops spear ornaments
they seem to be resistant to Fire and weak to dark. My use of Great Chaos Fireball does about 260 damage, plus additional 190 with the flame on the ground. My Black Fire Orb deals around 512 damage.
Confirmed, did 1/3 health on backstab with Dark Lothric, and 1/4 with Heavy Lothric(STR build) approximately
I have never gotten Backstabs so easy, they broadcast all their moves, so just get in close and keep walking towards them shield-up listing in one direction, and when they attack you'll be behind them...
Seem to be vulnerable to Magic Damage. Darkmoon Blade is pretty punishing to these guys.
They also drop embers, although very rarely it seems
Wait...the ringed knight its the same knight that appear in the main artwork for DSII?
The knight can drop up to 4 titanite chunks at once
Pretty sure Ringed Knight Leggings deserve to be "Very Rare".
No, you just had bad luck.
Cannot be Rapported


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Yes I can confirm that they CANNOT be rapported.