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is the two handed R1 unique to the series
The info of the unparryable first stance RB is not correct. It seems that the magic scythe is unparryable and that the physical one is the parryable part. I fought someone and was parried multiple times on the start of the stance combo. And every time i was parried I noted that it was the physical scythe that he connects with
I would love to have this again. I can't run through the dlc because my game corrupts every time I do... Sadness...
So ummm...this or moonlight great sword?
Depends on the rest of your gear and your playstyle.
So *****ing broken. Lucky for me, this is noob souls 3, so all that people can do is spam L1's.
You also get some hyperarmor during the weapon art attacks. (I tanked a greatsword hit)
Good weapon has poor accuracy on the combo though and damage isn't the greatest, far from the best in the game and doesn't need a "fix". So stop asking for it because it will made awful if it does, it's a good weapon, any bleed weapon combo is more deadly