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I got 3 sets of this guys armor and still no blades (luck 24, 7 gold coins used). this is getting sad for me...
Update- I upgraded my luck to 31 with all the souls i got from killing these guys and now they arnt even dropping pieces from their armor set anymore...
Use the symbol of avarice, crystal sage rapier and golden serpent ring



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I've had these things drop on the first time or after 50 times. The RNG with the drop is ridiculous. I usually get it first try going through the Cathedral of the Deep for the first time with a character I don't plan on using them with and it takes me over 20 usually if I plan on making a character around using them. I think item discovery helps but not as much as some would venture to claim. You just have to keep trying. Sometimes it helps to load out of the area and load back in but that may have been purely circumstantial for me.
Completely respec your character so all your points are in luck
I've been farming the same mother *****ers for 9 days now, as soon as I wake up, I farm all day until I go to bed. For 9 *****ing days I have been doing this. What the God damned *****ing wothless *** actual ***** is going!!!!!???
YES!! Day 10, hour 7, finally!!! Woke up at one a.m. this morning and then BAM, got it at day break!
Nolife lmao
First gravewarden I fight in a new game dropped this... Lulz gitgud


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It is actually impossible to not get these blades if you're straight up only farming the *****ers for an hour, I'm not saying it's rare that you won't get them I'm saying it literally impossible... 10 days? really? Your game is either heavily bugged or you have -100 item discovery. I got it first time without any item discovery weapons or rings.
lol, BRO! how about you use the symbol of avarice + coins + the crystal sage rapier?
Idk m8, I spent 15mins and got it... Just use gold coins, avarice symbol, etc.
The bleed aux listed on this site is no longer correct for this weapon, or any other weapon, since the bleed patch. My +10 Blood Infused Twinblades have an Bleed Aux of about 65, and I'm not a luck build lol.